APHIS Announces Final Strategic Framework for Enhancing Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 and other Emerging Diseases Under the American Rescue Plan

Fortunately for US aquaculture few diseases are associated with our aquatic animals that pose a significant threat to humans; however, pathogens that impact conspecific wild animals which may be in proximity to farms or when farmed animals are released to natural waters for grow-out, bait, restoration or recreational fishing, the picture becomes much more nuanced.

The NAA has worked to update the National Aquaculture Health Program & Standards (National Aquaculture Health Plan and Standards 2021-2023 (usda.gov)) and are working with APHIS to create a much more flexible, workable and effective farm-level Comprehensive Aquaculture Health Program & Standards (CAHPS) (USDA APHIS | Comprehensive Aquaculture Health Program Standards) focusing on farm biosecurity and farm-led aquatic animal health management.

Please add to your “to-do list” signing up for APHIS alerts (USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (govdelivery.com)) and encouraging your members embrace and support the new national plan and adopting CAHPS to elevate on-farm aquatic animal health management.

All the best,

Paul W. Zajicek, Executive Director

National Aquaculture Association (USA)

Office: 850-216-2400

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