Video and Webinar Help

We have designed our new website to use very modern and well-supported HTML5 web video standards (HLS, WebM), along with a fallback formats (MP4) for those using browsers that do not support these formats. If you have problems viewing our video content please check that you are both using an updated version of a modern web browser, and that you have reasonable broadband Internet bandwidth.

Recommended Browsers and Media Players

For mobile devices, we recommend the use of Apple's Safari browser on iOS and Google Chrome on Android for efficient and reliable video streaming.

For desktop and laptop computers, we recommend the latest versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox for efficient and reliable video streaming

Unfortunately, Neither Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 nor Microsoft Edge browsers currently support modern WebM or HLS streaming standards (support likely to be added in 2016). Therefore, these browsers will use MP4 video which are large files and will require much greater bandwidth.

If you prefer, we provide links to download our videos for offline viewing using a media player such as VLC Player.


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

VideoLAN VLC Player