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Restaurant goers love fish and shellfish!!! Over two-thirds of all seafood consumption in the United States takes place outside the home. Keeping U.S. farm-raised seafood on the menu everyday is an important way to keep both your customers and bottom line happy. U.S. farm-raised fish and shellfish are consistent in price, quality, and availability. The predictable supply helps in menu planning and cost projection. This is especially critical in tight economic times when wild-caught fish prices can escalate quickly depending up factors such as weather, water temperature, and stock abundance. Buying locally farmed fish and shellfish helps to ensure the freshness of the product and reduces the carbon footprint. This local, green connection helps to tell a story on your menu. Many restaurants purchase exclusively from one farm and use this connection as a marketing hook. Wait-staff training is important. Diners frequently ask if a product is farm-raised and may have additional questions about the quality of farm-raised seafood. If fish and shellfish are raised in the United States, federal and state regulatory oversight helps to ensure the safety of the product and ensures that the production methods were environmentally sound. Answers to many questions about U.S. aquaculture production can be found in the FAQ: About U.S. Aquaculture section of this website. Other U.S. farm-raised fish and shellfish are available in portion-controlled, individually quick-frozen forms that eliminate waste and ensure ease of preparation.