What is aquaculture?

Photo of baitfish in tank

Aquaculture is the production of marine and freshwater organisms under controlled conditions. This includes fish and shellfish for human consumption, sport fishing, backyard ponds, and release to enhance wild populations.

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Choosing Seafood Farmed in the United States

Photo of seafood dish

Finfish and shellfish farmed in the U.S. are loaded with benefits that will help you stay in shape and enjoy a longer, healthier life. The U.S. domestic aquaculture industry is committed to supplying consumers with consistent, high quality, safe products that are produced in an environmentally sound manner.

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Photo of basket of shellfish

Fish and shellfish can be farmed using methods that do not harm the environment and that help meet the growing demand for seafood by supplementing wild harvests.

In the United States, harvesters carefully manage the resource. However, over 90% of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported, often from countries that do not have strict environmental and product safety standards.

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Make at Home . . .

Crispy Baked U.S. Farm-Raised Fish